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Class stages ZOOM meetings, calls on classmates to participate

UPHS-1950 ZOOM Meetings are held on the third Thursday (US Pacific time) of each month. Please determine the correct date and time of each meeting for your location based on the originating date and time of 5:00 PM PST US West Coast.


ZOOM Meeting #1: January 27(28), 2021

ZOOM Meeting #2: Feb. 18(19), 2021

ZOOM Meeting #3: March 18(19), 2021

ZOOM Meeting #4: April 15(16), 2021

ZOOM Meeting #5: May 20(21), 2021

ZOOM Meeting #6: June 17(18), 2021

ZOOM Meeting #7: July 15(16), 2021

ZOOM Meeting #8: August 19(20), 2021

ZOOM Meeting #9: Sept. 16 - not recorded.

ZOOM Meeting #10: Oct. 21(22), 2021

ZOOM Meeting #11: Nov.  18(19), 2021

ZOOM Meeting #12: Dec.  16(17), 2021

See you on ZOOM!


Class ZOOM Meeting - 5-20-2021

Class ZOOM Meeting held May 20, 2021 (May 21, 2021 in Manila) shows attendees Naning Bagabaldo, Roger Austria, Pete and Vilma Manansala, Serge Domondon, Walter Butler (with Barbara Butler), Fe Abarquez-Suaco, Sylvia Roque-Gamboa, and Julius Willis.

Four travel to Milwaukee for a 4-day meet with the Austrias


Classmate Roberto “Bert” Garcia ‘gently’ passes away at age 90

RIP - Roberto 'Bert' GarciaApril 18, 2022:

Classmate Bert Garcia’s bereaved wife, Chelita, writes: “We announce the passing of Roberto Miller Garcia. Roberto gently left us on April 18th, leaving behind his beloved wife Chelita and their children Victoria, Roberto Jr, George, Gabriel, Maria Lourdes, Rachel, Marita, Danilo, Oliver, and Robert, and nine grandchildren. Roberto was a truly lovely person who treated everyone with kindness, compassion, warmth, and respect. He will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and all who knew him.”

Classmate Bert was 90 years old. He was born on January 26, 1932.

Read the FULL REPORT which includes visitation and funeral mass information, and an obituary.

Roger & Siony Austria entertain classmates at their Fox Point home

Monday, September 2, 2019: Classmates Roberto “Bert” Garcia from Canada, Julius “Jules” Willis Jr. from Hayward CA, Walter “Walt” Butler from Las Vegas NV, and Agapito “Pete” Manansala from Sacramento CA - and their spouses Chelita, Norma, Barbara, and Vilma, respectively - traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Wednesday, August 28 for a four-day visit and Fellowship with classmate Roger Austria and his wife Siony. The Austrias live in Fox Point, a village in the county of Milwaukee.


The Five Classmates


Mercia Crisostomo Aquino left us “all too sudden and quick”

R. I. P. - Mercia CrisostomoWhen she failed to attend a class Zoom meeting on April 15, 2021, classmates tried to contact Mercia Crisostomo Aquino - via phone calls, email messages, and via Messenger - all to no avail. Classmates were at a loss - until they received a message from Mercia’s daughter, Meya, that brought the sad news about her Mom Mercia’s passing away on April 23, 2021.

It was “all too sudden and quick,” Meya stresses in her message. Rest In Peace, Mercia!

Read the FULL REPORT which includes Meya’s message and the class’ Tribute to Mercia.

Visit In The News page for more of our adventurous spirit - and of the UPHS Class of 1950.

UP High School Building


The 2010 Grand Reunion - we reunited 60 years after graduation.

Milestones - birth dates of some of our old venerable classmates.

Vignettes - old scripts (and tales) from classmates Roger Austria and others.

Publications - some things to remember from our dedicated Secretariat!

Officers - of the UP High School Class of 1950 Alumni Association.


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