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Twelve octogenarians make it to 67th anniversary celebration

NAC details 2018 San Francisco Bay Area reunion



Twelve octogenarians from the U. P. High School Class of 1950 met to celebrate the 67th anniversary of their graduation. Upright, standing, and walking steadily on their feet were Fernando Campos, Aniano Bagabaldo, Amador Casiņo, Enrico Andaya, Juan Sanchez, Victor Perez, Jesus Disini, Ponciano Bernardo, Mercia Crisostomo-Aquino, Luz Rodriguez-Ramos, Andrea Estrada-Sarappudin, and Ophelia Ongkingco-Lagmay - all faithful attendees of their high school class activities.

Read Ophie’s FULL REPORT

PHOTO/CAPTION by Mercia Crisostomo-Aquino

MESSAGES from classmates

67th Anniversary Celebration



Eleven make it to the Class of 1950’s 66th anniversary celebration

By Ophelia Ongkingco-Lagmay

Eleven ever-faithful attendees successfully and happily got together to enjoy each other's company at our 66th Anniversary and Christmas Reunion, despite the horrendous traffic situation all over Metro Manila, and some ailments here and there. Our alumni president Fernando Campos, VP-Treasurer Aniano Bagabaldo, Amador Casino (who just recently lost his wife Liz, our condolences), Ponciano Bernardo and Johnny Billote came stag, while Jose Macario Laurel IV arrived with wife Letty, Tomas Carunungan with wife Raquel, Victor Perez with daughter and granddaughter (thank you Vic, for coming all the way from Cagayan), Luz Rodriguez with hubby Roger Ramos, Ely Gomez with a niece, and myself.

Read Ophie’s FULL REPORT


66th Anniversary Attendees



UP celebrates High School division Centennial with all-classes reunion

UPISCentennial-DONE-200The University of the Philippines celebrated the centennial of its high school division with a grand reunion of all high school alumni at the University Diliman campus last Saturday, December 10, 2016. UP High alumni from around the world attended the event.

No one from our class of 1950 was able to participate. Classmate Mercia Crisostomo-Aquino had planned to attend but was inhibited at the last minute. Nevertheless, Mercia provided the link to an article written by alumnus Boo Chanco in the Philippine Star issue of December 14, 2016.

Click here to read Boo Chanco’s account of the event.

Read our STORY of the event.



Friends, family come from far and wide to wish Pete a Happy Birthday

It was a 2-day fest. A smash bang party organized by his wife Vilma and made the more notable by his children and grandchildren. It was a celebration of Abe Pete Manansala’s 84th birthday on Saturday, August 20 and Sunday, August 21, 2016.


Video: Little Pepito: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Abe!


2016 Manansala Birthday

Pete Manansala celebrated his 84th birthday
with family and friends August 20-21, 2016.



Class celebrates 65th anniversary in style at Tony Protacio’s iconic hotel penthouse

12 ‘upright and kicking’ alumni brave travel hazards to meet up for day of fellowship

By Ophie O. Lagmay

Twelve 1950 U. P. H. S. graduates still upright and kicking after 65 years, braved the traffic on EDSA to gather at the swanky Nichols Airport Hotel owned by the Protacio family in Baclaran. What a magnificent panoramic view of the skyline from the 8th floor penthouse!

After a holy mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Willie Ramos, and a welcome speech delivered by our president, Fernando Campos, the ball started rolling. Members present were Fernando Campos, president; Aniano Bagabaldo. VP/treasurer; Enrico Andaya. internal auditor; Jose Macario Laurel IV, Ponciano Bernardo; Juanito Billote; Eduardo Elejar Mendoza, Victor Perez; Antonio Protacio; Andrea E. Sarapuddin; Mercia C. Aquino and Ophelia O. Lagmay.

Click here for the full story.

Click here to view more pictures.

65th Anniversary Reunion Group Pic

The 12 65th Anniversary Reunion Attendees (from left): Tony Protacio, Cario Laurel, Nanding Campos, Victor Perez, Ophie Lagmay, Ponciano Bernardo, Andrea Sarapuddin, Enrico Andaya, Juanito Billote, Aniano Bagabaldo, Mercia Aquino, and Eduardo Mendoza.



At the gathering held to honor late president-for-life Francisco ‘Paking’ Floro

By Mercia Crisostomo-Aquino

The 2015 Mid-Year Reunion was held at the usual venue – the Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant in Pasay City – last Friday, May 29, 2015. 

2015 MidYear Reunion Attendees

Classmate Nanding Campos planned the gathering to be held on this date to coincide with our late “President-for-Life” Paking Floro’s birthday.

Mark Floro (Paking’s son) graciously attended the event which was dedicated to honor and memorialize Paking.

Read More . . .

Click here to reunion pictures.



Class meets to celebrate milestone, fete July-December birthdays

Inspite of traffic woes and issues with old age, 19 “sprite, early octogenarians” make it 64 years after leaving school

2014 Reunion Attendees

Patsy Putong-Sison chronicles the UP High School Class of 1950’s record-breaking 64th Anniversary and Christmas reunion held Saturday, December 20, 2014 at the traditional venue - the Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant in Pasay City. The event also was cause to celebrate the birthdays of classmates born July through December.

Click here for the full account by Patsy Putong-Sison.

Click here to view Reunion pictures.



Class observes 64th Anniversary mid-way and fete January-June birthday celebrants

Pacita Putiong-Sision reports on the UP High Class 1950 Alumni Association 64th anniversary mid-year celebration which was preceded by a pre-reunion meeting.  The pre-reunion meeting - a planning session - was held Sunday, May 3, and the mid-year reunion and January-June birthday celebration festival was held Saturday, June 28, both at the traditional venue: the Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant in Pasay City.


Click here to view Mid-Year ‘Balik-Saya 2014’ pictures.



Eighteen classmates meet, reminisce, make promises, and celebrate some birthdays

By Ophie Ongkingco-Lagmay

A breezy and sunny Friday, December 27, 2013 brought together eighteen UP High Class 1950 graduates, still strong, sprite and up on their toes (or pretending to be) to the Legend Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant in Pasay City, a place renowned for its delicious and sumptuous food.

The eighteen were Francisco Floro, Fernando Campos, Aniano Bagabaldo, Amador Casiņo, Delma D. Dungan,   Mercia C. Aquino, Luz R. Ramos, Andrea E. Sarapuddin, Aurora S. Genuino, Ruben Piczon, Celia N. Padilla, Jose Macario Laurel IV, Ramon Cruz, Jr., Juanito Billote, Ponciano Bernardo, Enrico Andaya, Tomas Carunungan,  and Ophelia O. Lagmay.  We missed Patsy P. Sison who failed to attend.

Click here for the full story - UPDATED!

Click here to view rotating pictures.



Classmates ’balik-saya’ at mid-year reunion and January-June birthday celebrations

Twelve classmates got together at Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant - the usual venue for reunions - last June 28 for another of their “balik-saya” moments that included greeting January-to-June birthday celebrants.

2013 Reunion - Group of 12

2013 Reunion - Birthday CelebrantsOphie Ongkingco-Lagmay reports that class president Paking Floro characterized the gatherings as “getting to be happy and sad affairs . . . happy because we are able to see each other again after sometime and enjoy each other’s company” but “sad because of dwindling” attendance.

Because there was news of an approaching typhoon, the class ended its balik-saya meeting at 9:30 PM.

Click here for the story by Ophie Lagmay.

Pictures: 2013 Mid-Year-01 | 2013 Mid-Year-02



Nine classmates meet in Sin City for six days of fellowship and fun

The NAC-sponsored “2012 REUNION IN LAS VEGAS” was a fun-filled six days of fellowships that included lunches, dinners, a round of golf, a visit to the Hoover dam, Talk Stories, and a Past & Present gig. Attending classmates were Roger Austria, Serge Domondon, Bert Garcia, Enrico Garcia, Syl Gamboa, Cario Laurel, Pete Manansala, Lumen Martinez, and Julius Willis. Second picture includes spouses Siony Austria, Rose Domondon, Chelita Garcia, Evelyn Garcia, Lou Gamboa, Letty Laurel, Vilma Manansala, and Norma Willis.


REUNION VIDEO | Bus Singers | Salo Salo

DAY 1 | DAY 2 | DAY 3 | DAY 4 | DAY 5 | DAY 6




Austrias, Gamboas get together for some Dove Canyon golf

NAC Chairman Roger Austria and son Albert visited with classmate Sylvia and her husband Lu Gamboa on October 22 and 24 at their Gamboas & Austrias MeetDove Canyon, CA home. They also met up with Joe and Donna Peczon who happens to live in the same Dove Canyon community as the Gamboas.

The Peczons are mutual friends of the Gamboas and Austrias. Joe Peczon is a UP medical school classmate of several UP High 1950 alumni.

Click here for full story.

Click here for more pictures of the Austria-Gamboa mini-reunion.



Chairman Austria pays tribute to ‘their commitment, sacrifice’

By NAC Chairman Roger Austria

Each year - on Veterans Day (November 11) - we salute our veterans who served their countries (the Philippines and the USA) with honor, valor, and great sacrifice. The men and women who entered the armed services of their country were prepared to give up their lives. This, by any measure, is the gold standard of courage and love of country.




Serge Domondon receives dad’s WWII Congressional Gold Medal

Classmate Serge ’Hot Lava’ Domondon was the proud recipient of his late father’s Congressional Gold Medal, an award in recognition of the elder Domondon’s service during World War II in the Philippines.

The award was made at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, Honolulu, May 5, 2018.

Read the FULL STORY.

Read MESSAGES to the Domondons.

Congressional Golf Medal - Juan B. Domondon



Her daughter says Andrea is home, undergoing therapy

Andrea Estrada SarapuddinTuesday, April 24: Mercia Crisostomo-Aquino received this brief note from Ophie Ongkingco-Lagmay: “Yasmin (Andrea’s daughter) sends good news: Andrea is now recuperating at home, although paralyzed. She is undergoing therapy.”

Read the FULL STORY.


Please hope and pray for Andrea’s speedy recovery!


Balikbayans Bert and Chelita Garcia meet Mercia Aquino and family at the Okada Manila

On a recent “balikbayan” trip to Manila, classmate Bert Garcia and wife Chelita met up with classmate Mercia Crisostomo-Aquino and her husband - retired General Ernie Aquino - for a brief reunion at the popular Okada Resort Hotel & Casino.

Read the FULL STORY.

Bert-Mercia Mini-Reunioon 2018


Classmates Cario and Mercia in identical heart procedure

Classmates Cario & MerciaWe received two messages: one from classmate Mercia Crisostomo-Aquino who we heard underwent a heart procedure shortly before Christmas last year, and another from Letty Laurel - wife of classmate Jose Macario “Peping” Laurel IV - that related Cario’s experience with the same procedure three months earlier. Classmate Fe Abarquez-Suaco, who was in the Philippines to attend her brother’s funeral learned of Mercia’s situation during a routine phone call, while Letty Laurel was responding to the news about Mercia’s operation.

Read the FULL STORY.


Serge Domondon & Family - 2018

The ‘Hot Lava’ sends his love and update on Rose, family

The year 2017 had been good to classmate Serge ‘Hot Lava’ Domondon and his family. In a “Love is everything” message to his UP High 1950 classmates, the Hot Lava provides the updates on wife Rose and the rest of the Domondon clan.

Read the FULL STORY.

Read MESSAGES to the Domondons.


Walter Butler wins 5 medals at Seniors Swim Competition

Classmate Walter Butler once again proved that age is no barrier to athletic fetes and capabilities. All one needs is to be a graduate of the University of the Philippines High School, specifically a member of the Class of 1950!

Walter – along with 62 other members of the Las Vegas Masters (LVM) Swimming Team coached by Victor Hecker – placed third overall in the recent USMS-sponsored National Swimming Championship held in Riverside, CA last April 27 through 30, 2017.

Read the FULL STORY.


Walter Butler Shines At Swim Meet

Abe Pete with Swim Champ Abe Walt


Friends and family help Vilma celebrate her 80th birthday

Led by Manansala family “Speaker of the House” Abe Pete, friends and family from as far away as Australia trooped to San Francisco on Saturday, June 24, 2017 to help celebrate Vilma Manansala’s 80th birthday.

Read the STORY.

View PICTURES of the event.

Vilma Manansala 80th Birthday

Vilma with family and friends.


Invincible Ophie Ongkingco-Lagmay is up ‘n about

The Invincible Ophie Ongkingco-Lagmay

When Abe Pete and Vilma Manansala noticed that Ophie Ongkingco-Lagmay was not being heard from nor seen lately, they decided to drop her a line. As Abe Pere reports, Ophie “responded with dispatch and clarity worth of sharing.”

Read the FULL STORY.


Fe Abarquez-Suaco meets with classmates in Manila

Mercia Crisostomo-Aquino writes about a MiniReunion in Manila between classmates Fe Abarquez-Suaco, Nanding Campos, Naning Bagabaldo, Case Casiņo, and herself.

Read her REPORT

2017 - Manila MiniReunion


Roger Austria addresses UPAA-GCA, inducts their officers

As the founder and first president of the UP Club of America (1971) and the UP Alumni Association-Wisconsin (1974), classmate Roger Austria was invited to induct the 2017 officers and board members of the UP Alumni Association-Greater Chicago Area and to deliver the keynote address at the organization’s December 3, 2016 membership meeting.

Read FULL TEXT of Roger’s address.

Roger Austria Keynotes Grpup


Roger Austria eulogizes late classmate Rodolfo Ramos

Rodolfo 'Rudy' S. A. Ramos

Classmate Roger Austria eulogized Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ S. A. Ramos during the memorial services for our late classmate that was held at the Philippine Center in Milwaukee, WI last October 9, 2016.

FULL TEXT of the eulogy.

Read MESSAGES from classmates.


Finding Class 1950 classmate Harry James Butler

Harry James ButlerHarry James Butler, like his brother Walter, is a member of the UP High School Class of 1950. Harry was in Section II-B of the class as shown in the 1948 Yearbook. The UP High School at the time was at the its old Padre Faura campus.

Harry appears in the class picture for Section II-B, Class of 1950, in the 1948 Yearbook. Classmate Ruben Piczon was the class president.

Read the FULL STORY on Harry.


UPIS celebrates centennial with release of ‘Coffee Table Book’

Classmate Mercia Crisostomo-Aquino reports on the recent celebration of UP High School/UP Integrated School’s 100th year of existence. The school also announced the scheduling of its all-alumni reunion set for December 10, 2016 at the high school campus in Diliman, Quezon City.

Read Mercia’s REPORT.

View STORY PICTURES from Mercia.

Read MESSAGES from classmates.

UPIS Centennial Celebration


UP Elementary School grad? Join the ‘UP Elementary School Diliman’ Facebook group

Al Escobar, an alumnus of UP High (1978) and the UP Elementary School (1974) is inviting members of UP High Class 1950 who may have studied at the UP Elementary School to join the Facebook group UP Elementary School Diliman, a closed group open to all alumni of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, who were enrolled at the elementary school.

Click here for details.

Click here for the UP Elem School Facebook page.



Golf Queen Sylvia hits #80, celebrates occasion in style

Classmate Sylvia Roque-Gamboa was honored on her 80th birthday with a party tendered by three of her siblings (Dr. Joe Roque, Francis Roque, and Frances Felix) and her three children (Richard Gamboa, Ginny Majer, and Debbie Jorgensen).

Click here for the full story.

Syl Gamboa Turns 80

Send Syl a MESSAGE.



Hot Lava Serge’s wife, Rose, out of ICU - is now in rehab

Saturday, March 26, 2016: Classmate Sergio “Serge” Domondon’s wife, Rose, is in a hospital intensive care unit, suffering from asthma and pneumonia.

Rose was in an induced coma for a few days and is now able to respond to family and friends despite “all the tubes in her mouth and a respirator,” according to Serge.

Because of her illness, Rose was not able to celebrate her birthday (March 23) and the Easter weekend.

Serge is “hopeful, that in time, Rose will get over this event in her life.”

Let’s all pray for Rose’s speedy recovery.


May 19, 2016: Rose is now in REHAB.

April 5, 2016: Rose left ICU for rehab.


Serge: domondonr001@hawaii.rr.com.



Abe Roger and Abe Siony Austria are once again proud ‘lolo’ and ‘lola’

In an email to classmates, Roger and Siony Austria proudly announced that they have been graced with a second grandchild - Benjamin Paul - born Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at the Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington.


Send Roger & Siony a MESSAGE

Click here to view more pictures.

Above: Lolo & Lola with grandson.

Below: Benjamin Paul, Mom and Dad.

Austria Second Grandchild - 2016




The UP High Class 1950 North America Chapter announced details of their 2018 Reunion which will be held in the San Francisco (California) Bay Area between August 12 and 17, 2018. NAC released the schedule of activities for reunion participants.

Read the FULL STORY.

So far, the following classmates (and their spouses) have confirmed their attendance and participation in the reunion: Roger and Siony Austria, Julius and Norma Willis, Walter and Barbara Butler, and Pete and Vilma Manansala. Considering to participate are Sylvia and Lu Gamboa, and Serge and Rose Domondon. Other classmates interested in joining should contact Pete Manansala.

The reunion will feature the participation of some of the classmates’ children, including the Manansalas (Paul, Tina, and Art), the Butler sons, and Butch Austria.

2018 NAC Reunion SF



Five classmates and their spouses meet for a 5-day Fellowship in sunny San Diego

Five classmates and their spouses met in Southern California for five days of fellowship August 25 through 29, 2017. The five are NAC chairman-for-life Roger Austria, Pete Manansala, Walter Butler, Julius Willis, and Sylvia Roque-Gamboa. Each was accompanied by their spouse: Siony Austria, Vilma Manansala, Barbara Butler, Norma Willis, and Lu Gamboa.

Reunion activities took place across southern California - including Rancho Santa Margarita in Orange County, National City, San Diego, Shelter Island, and Coronado Island.

Read the FULL STORY.


About the name ’TULAGI’

View a 13-minute FELLOWSHIP VIDEO

View 119 rotating PICTURES

2017 NAC Reunion Participants



Pete Manansala leads Midtown Lions Club on 20th year of service to the community

Pete ManansalaSaturday, October 7, 2017:

Classmate Pete Manansala leads Sacramento’s Midtown Lions Club for a second time this year as the club celebrates its 20th year of service to the community.

Pete was the club’s president during its second year of existence in 1998.

Read the FULL STORY.




Classmate Syl Gamboa and hubby Lu are in on the the new White House occupant

The Gamboas and Donald J. Trump

If you’re a Democrat or an Independent and felt pretty low when your candidate for president lost in the last election, feel low no more: our classmate Sylvia Roque-Gamboa and her husband Lu are in on the new White House occupant!

Read the FULL STORY.

Read MESSAGES from classmates.



Abe Pete meets Abe Julius, they trip to San Francisco and celebrate a friend’s birthday

2016 MiniReunion - Pete & Julius

Classmate Pete Manansala and his wife Vilma took an AMTRAK trip from their home in Sacramento to Hayward to spend a weekend with classmate Julius Willis and wife Norma, and to help celebrate a friend’s birthday.

It turned out to be a mini-reunion classic.

Read the FULL STORY.

View 35 PICTURES of the mini-reunion.



Classmate Anatolio Cruz’ daughter set for promotion to Vice Admiral and Defense Health Agency head

Admiral Raquel Cruz BonoClassmate Anatolio B. Cruz, Jr., a retired captain in the U. S. Navy’ medical corps, is the proud father of Anatolio B. Cruz III and Raquel Cruz Bono, both of whom are admirals in the U. S. Navy.

Rear Admiral Raquel Bono made news again recently when President Obama nominated her for promotion to Vice Admiral and to head the Defense Heald Agency (DHA).

Click here for the full story.


Gloria Balmaceda writes about her father and her sister, schoolmate Grace Balmaceda

Gloria BalmacedaSchoolmate Gloria Balmaceda has written a book on her father and her sister, schoolmate Grace Balmaceda.

Read about it.




Walter Butler wins two swim event medals in the 2014 World Senior Games

Walter Butler - 2014 World Senior GamesWe are happy to report that classmate Walter Butler won two medals - a silver in the 50-meter and a bronze in the 100-meter freestyle swimming events, respectively - during the 2014 Huntsman World Senior Games held in St. George, Utah October 8 through 10.


Send Walt a MESSAGE

Read MESSAGES to Walt



Classmates meet in San Francisco for two days of fun, talk Hawaii 2014

Classmates Julius Willis and Pete Manansala and their spouses Norma and Vilma met May 22 and 23, 2014 for a two-day mini-reunion in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click here to read the full account as posted in the “UP High 1950” group page on Facebook.

Click here to view more pictures.

Jules & Pete Meet - 2014



NAC chairman’s ‘not-me-a-Lolo’ status is history; he and wife Siony now have an ‘apo’

Roger AustriaAmong the happiest classmates these days is Roger Austria who -- with wife Siony -- have been dislodged from their “apo-less” status.

Click here for details.

AN UPDATE - 3/25/14.

Send Roger & Siony a MESSAGE.




Roger Austria, Walter Butler and their spouses meet in Las Vegas for that mini-Fellowship

Roger & Walt In Vegas

Click here for a full account.



Ruben Piczon, Roger Austria find, bring Walter Butler into NAC fold

UP High 1950 has a new class member: Walter Butler. Although Walter graduated in 1949 (a year ahead because he took summer classes), he was formally inducted into the rolls of Class 1950 by NAC chairman Roger Austria.

A trail of email messages will for now introduce us to Walter, and tell us how he was discovered, until we have more on him: pictures, profile, etc.

DISCOVERING Walter: email trail . . .

WELCOMING Walter messages . . .

NEW! View Walter’s Profile



Classmate Anatolio Cruz’ daughter and son are U. S. Navy admirals

Classmate Anatolio B. Cruz, Jr., a retired captain in the U. S. Navy’ medical corps, is the Tol Cruz Daughter In Commandproud father of Anatolio B. Cruz III and Raquel Cruz Bono, both of whom are admirals in the U. S. Navy.

Rear Admiral Raquel Bono was in the news recently when she was placed in command of the navy’s Joint Task Force National Capital Region Medical operation. Admiral Bono is shown in the picture receiving the command flag from assistant secretary of defense Karen Guice.

Click here for the full story.



NAC chairman Roger Austria meets up with The Hot Lava on Oahu

They meet in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. AustriaDomondonMiniReunion-175-short

It was just weeks earlier that the famous Hawaiian molten rock known as The Hot Lava and sometimes referred to as Sergio Domondon had a quintuple heart bypass operation before he was traipsing about the island to meet classmate and NAC chairman Roger Austria.

For an entire day they drank and dined and partied about while visiting the great sights of the famous ”big island.”

Read more . . .



Oahu’s ’Hot Lava’ goes under the knife

Dear Classmates:

I received a call from Rose Domondon that Serge checked Serge Domondon - HeartBypassin at the hospital on Saturday (3/9/13) for an emergency heart bypass surgery. This was confirmed by Chelita Garcia (wife of classmate Roherto Garcia) who added that Serge had five (5) by-passes and that he is doing well. Let us pray for Serge's speedy recovery.  Unfortunately, I have no information on the hospital where Serge is now recuperating. Here are Serge's contact information where you can send him best wishes:

Mailing address: 2218 Auhuhu St., Pearl City, HI  96782

Home Phone:  1-808-455-7844

Cell Phone:  1-808-341-4086

E-mail address: serged@hawaii.rr.com

Let us join in wishing Serge a speedy recovery.

-Roger and Siony Austria

Message from Serge 3/23/2013 (and to Serge).

The Latest News [March 21, 2013 from Roger Austria] on classmate Serge ‘Hot Lava’ Domondon’s condition after surgery.

Messages from classmates to Serge and Rose.



Hot Lava Serge Domondon meets up with Pete and Julius in Honolulu

2012 Hawaii Mini Reunion

Pete Manansala, Serge “Hot Lava” Domondon, and Julius Willis and their spouses met in Honolulu, Hawaii for a full day of fun on Sunday, October 28, 2012. In picture (from left) are Vilma Manansala, Pete, Serge, Julius, Rose Domondon, and Norma Willis. Hot Lava and Rose (with daughter Liana and family friend Scott Dirk) took Pete and Julius to important sites on the island of Oahu.

Click here for the full story on the 2012 Mini-Reunion In Hawaii.

Click here to view 36 rotating pictures of the 2012 Mini-Reunion In Hawaii.



Abes Pete, Jules, and spouses meet for a bit of Fellowship

Pete Mansala and Julius Willis - and their spouses Vilma and Norma - met for a bit of Fellowship Sunday, October 11 and Monday, October 12, 2015. Pete and Vilma AMTRAK’ed to Hayward (where the Willises reside) from their Sacramento home.

Jules & Pete Meet - 2015

The two-day mini-reunion took them to two Bay Area cities through dinner and lunch.

Read the FULL STORY.

Click here to view pictures.



Classmates meet on Oahu, Hawaii for week of fellowship

Six UP High 1950 classmates and their spouses from the US and Canada met in Honolulu, Hawaii Sunday, September 28 for a week of fellowship and fun. The six are NAC chairman Roger Austria, Bert Garcia, Serge Domondon, Pete Manansala, Walter Butler, and Julius Willis, and their spouses Siony Austria, Chelita Garcia, Rose Domondon, Vilma Manansala, Barbara Butler, and Norma Willis.

Read the day-by-day FULL STORY, including Renion VIDEOS, picture ALBUMS, and comments.

Six Classmates Meet In Hawaii

2014 HAWAII REUNION PARTICIPANTS (from left): Bert Garcia, Serge Domondon, Julius Willis, Pete Manansala, Walter Butler, and Roger Austria. Picture taken at the Pearl City home of Serge and Rose Domondon.


OTHER NEWS [In The News for more.]

RIP Cesar S. Tibajia - passed away August 30, 3016

RIP Harry James Butler, Walt Butler’s brother

Rodolfo Ramos passes away at his Florida home

Delma Dojillo-Dungan succumbs to cardiac arrest

RIP Pacita Putong-Sison [BABY DOLL, an ode to Patsy]

Pneumonia claim Wenceslao ‘Peewee’ Trinidad

Francisco ‘Paking’ Floro departs [40th Day Photos]

RIP Processo Almando, 2/22/2015

RIP Aurora Salegumba, 2/16/2015

RIP Cesar Z. Dario, May 14, 2014


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